Creativity and problem-
solving competence

For special requirements

Flad System Components develops and manufactures for the following branches and industries: aviation and aerospace, sensor technology, control and measuring technology, fibre optics technology, magnetic engineering, dental technology and medical engineering.


We enjoy an excellent reputation in the fields of aviation, aerospace and sensor technology. High flexibility and fast delivery make up the difference between us and our competitors. Our company’s distinctive creativity and problem-solving capacity are further unique features. Increasing specialisation on hard-to-machine materials and highly complex parts for aviation and aerospace technology, sensor technology and medical engineering are part of our strategic alignment, too.


These factors give us enough strength to be one step ahead of many competitors. Flad System Components stands for long-term experience, reliability and skills in difficult new developments.


Fields of specialisation at a glance:

  • Precision parts with narrow tolerances
  • Complex machining of difficult geometries
  • Ready-to-install precision parts and components
  • Mini series up to medium-sized lots from virtually all machinable materials (high-tensile steels, specific materials as for example Hastelloy for aviation and aerospace engineering, medical engineering materials for implants, stainless steels up to V4A, titanium, brass and plastics)