Precision in perfection

For a variety of applications

Virtually unlimited production capabilities: Flad System Components manufactures and distributes simple and highly complex parts and assemblies, prototypes and entire part families. We are specialised in precision parts with narrow tolerance ranges, offer complex machining of difficult geometries, , ready-to-install precision parts and components form small series to medium lot sizes. Our company has the competence for nearly all machinable materials, as for example high-strength steels and specific materials, for example for aviation and aerospace technology (Hastelloy), titanium, medical materials for implants, stainless steels up to V4A, brass and plastics.

Parts cleaning, corrosion protection and individual packaging are also part of our service portfolio. Our quality management department provides all the relevant testing methods including individual measuring. In cooperation with select partners we also offer conduct surface finishing and heat treatment operations.

Highest quality under permanent control

Certified products and services by Flad System Components

The highest quality in all areas and a certified quality management system are the basis for successful collaboration with our customers. We comply to the highest quality requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 in the field of machining of cuttable materials.

Flad System Components takes over sponsorship for lifesavers

We support the Björn Steiger Foundation‘s initiative “Retten macht Schule”

Our commitment to the region and the people who live here has also included support for “lifesaver” training since July 2022. As part of this initiative of the Björn Steiger Foundation, we have taken on a sponsorship that makes it possible to train teachers at secondary schools in the field of reanimation. The teachers can then independently teach pupils cardiac massage and lay defibrillation.

The importance of basic knowledge in resuscitation is shown again and again. The more people know the basics of first aid and can take the necessary measures in an emergency, the more people can be saved in an emergency.

In addition to the important know-how, the schools also receive extensive teaching material. We are very pleased to support this initiative.


The company in the course of time

Change and continuity

Flad System Components GmbH & Co. KG has been growing for more than 35 years. Many things have changed in the course of the decades, especially in our technological environment. Flad System Components has always met the various challenges time and again by promoting improvements and breaking new grounds.


E-mobility in daily working life: purchase of three e smart vehicles.


More visibility, more attention for Flad System Components: outdoor advertising with new truck tarpaulin.

Additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping: purchase of a 3D printer.


Invest in new technologies: purchase of robot-control polishing cell and electropolishing equipment.


Occupation of the new facilities and extension of the production, administration, quality management, warehousing and dispatch departments by 860 m².


Extension of production facilities (optimisation of the manufacturing and logistics interface, reduction of material provisioning times and increase of flow rates). A new storage system for smooth supply chain management, additional services with regard to complex components and strict separation of components for the aviation and aerospace industries’ customers. In 2015, 18 employees work for Flad System Components.


Succession planning: foundation of the Flad System Components GmbH & Co. KG by contributing the single enterprise; participation and assignment of the management of the company to the children Jürgen Flad and Carmen Mauch.

Since 2005

Expansion of business areas, specialisation on the aviation and aerospace branch as well as on high-strength, acid-free and stainless steels.


Constant growth leads to the construction of a new building at today’s Bubsheim site with a floor area of 1,495 m². Thus, the foundation of the company’s ongoing future-oriented expansion was laid.


Specialisation on electrical and sensor engineering products begins.


Relocation to Reichenbach. Production facilities of 1,000 m² provided enough space for additional acquirement of CNC sliding and fixed headstock automatic lathes. Furthermore, the number of employees was increased to a total of 10 as two employees joined the team.


Relocation to the Wehingen facilities with a production area of 800 m², continued expansion and acquisition of the first CNC sliding and fixed headstock automatic lathes. The number of machines was increased to a total of 30.


Foundation of the single company in a small workshop with a production area of 110 m² in Bubsheim with two employees and seven sliding headstock automatic lathes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to obtain more information on our company and our range of services. We are looking forward to speaking with you about your projects and convince you of the quality and efficiency we offer.

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