Precision at
its very best

For a wide range of applications

Virtually unlimited production capabilities: Flad System Components develops, manufactures and distributes simple and highly complex parts and structural components, prototypes and entire part families.

Flad System Components produces precision parts in narrow tolerance ranges, offers complex manufacturing of difficult geometries, ready-to-install precision parts and components from mini-series up to medium lot sizes. Our company has the competence for virtually all machinable parts, as for example high-strength steels, specific materials for the aviation and aerospace industry (Hastelloy, titanium, medical-grade materials for implants, stainless steels up to V4A, brass and plastics).


Parts cleaning, corrosion protection and individual packaging are also part of our service portfolio. Our quality management department provides all the relevant testing methods including individual measuring. We also conduct surface finishing and heat treatment operations in cooperation with select partners.